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The Netherlands
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Engineers at Gear Chain Industrial are able to provide several services and consultancies in the field of drive train technology, including:

•    CVT applicability
•    Concept analysis & specification
•    Drive train simulation
•    Manufacturing & Cost analysis
•    Hydraulic & pneumatic systems design
•    Transmission design
•    Transmission control
•    Development of testing equipment
•    Delivery of complete variator systems

Building on years of experience, Gear Chain Industrial has gathered substantial know-how and expertise in the development of various drive train systems. Although CVT’s have always been at the center of attention, many other subsystems and types of transmission technology have been studied, designed and developed as well. The result is a strong portfolio with regard to our engineering abilities.

GCI engineering activities are supported by a number of well-known software and hardware packages, listed below

• MATLAB /Simulink
• Autodesk Product Design Suite:
  o 2D AutoCAD
  o 3D Inventor
  o FEA
• dSpace – Rapid Prototyping Electronic Control Unit

Besides this, prototype development is made possible with the help of our craftsmanship and well-equipped workshop, which houses a variety of tools and fabricating units. For outsourcing production of high-precision parts, GCI relies on an established network of manufacturing companies. These include companies located close-by in the technically focused region of Eindhoven, and companies worldwide which are specialized in producing custom transmission parts.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any related question, for instance to see if your application or technology will improve when combined with a CVT!

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