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GCI Transmission Test Rig

GCI has its own test facility to test transmissions. Although specially designed for testing CVT transmissions, it is possible to test any type of transmission in this custom designed dynamometer container unit. Our test rig is available for third party customers with a need for transmission testing. The fully automated test rig control allows testing and monitoring 24/7 without supervision. We can test transmission durability and efficiency statically or dynamically under any customer defined load cycle. Our test rig is equipped with safety devices like fire detection and an automatic fire extinguishing system using argon gas.

The test bed is on air dampers to reduce vibrations. The motor and the two generators are placed 305 mm above this bed. The input motor can reach 6000 rpm, 1000 Nm and max 210 kW. At the output side it is possible to choose from two different generators. One high torque generator which can deliver 2500 Nm load, 5000 rpm and max 210 kW continuously. The other generator is a high speed version for 10000 rpm at 1000 Nm load and also max 210 kW continuously. It is possible to drive the motors clock or counter clockwise and in the same or in the opposite direction separately.

An electric power recirculation system is feeding full electric power back from the load side towards the input side. This regenerative system allows long-time durability testing at low energy costs. For accurate efficiency testing the test rig is equipped with calibrated HBM T12 torque and speed sensors (0,1% precision).

The dyno has a hydraulic power unit for the actuation of CVT variators. Our test rig controller has additional capacity for multiple sensor inputs and/or control outputs and is equipped with a data acquisition system capable to log and monitor signals up to 100 kHz. The cooling water can be controlled between 20°C and 130°C with a cooling capacity of up to 20 kW.

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